Many years ago we developed an online scheduling system (Compass Scheduling was the name of it for all of you who go way “back in the day” with us) for Doctor’s that would allow them to book appointments online.  It was simple and effective, but never went anywhere for a ton of reasons, one of course being that there was a specific cost to the Physician.  

Now there is a start up in San Francisco (Practice Fusion) that is taking this to a whole new level by combining that with medical records, but providing it for free.  But there is a catch, it’s supported by ads.  

Here is the story in the NYTimes about it.
The crazy thing that I know that a lot of people will be up in arms that their Doctor will be exposed to ads from the drug companies at the very moment that they are looking at their medical records, but it’s really no different then the constant presence of the drug rep that roams the halls trying to get a few good minutes of face time.  

Very interesting indeed…    


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