I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you’re familiar with Channel9 on MSDN.  If you’re really cool, you might even know Channel8 and Channel10.  Well it’s time to rewrite the TV Guide.  Welcome to Channel 352, the newest in randomly numbered developer-related online video channels. 

Here’s the inspiration behind the first video.  We’ve been a Microsoft vendor since 2004.  With Microsoft’s recent launches of Silverlight and subsequent betas, Microsoft itself is in the process if migrating their internal Web properties from other technologies like DHTML and Flash.  We’ve been fortunate to be involved in some of these migrations like with, but all of these examples have been with Product Managers in the dev tools division, who are all pretty proficient in the technology. 

One concern we’ve been hearing is that many of the Product Managers at Microsoft aren’t up to speed on exactly what Silverlight can do.  Sure, they’ve seen the examples, but that can only tell you so much. 

So to help get everyone up to speed, we’ve put together a brief introduction to Silverlight.  This is a very high-level look at the technology, targeted at the less-technical PM’s considering it for their next projects.  It features our development director of design, Kelli Kimpton, sharing her firsthand knowledge of the tool.

Check back real soon for some more videos that drill down on more specific features of Silverlight for developers.  We’ll also be adding videos on a variety of other topics.  Your suggestions are very welcomed!



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