Next week, our entire marketing department is heading to the Hubspot INBOUND 2014 conference in Boston, and we couldn’t be more excited. A few of us attended last year, and we’re making it a team affair in 2014. Obviously there are some big names like Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek and Martha Stewart set to rock Inbound, but it’s also full of small sessions and experiences that we can’t wait for. Here are a few of the things we’re looking forward to most, other than awkwardly recreating pictures with Rand Fishkin.

We were just a little jealous that Rain got to meet Rand.

Scott Brinker, CTO and Marketer at Ion Interactive

The lines between technologist and marketer have been blurring for years, but no one stands in both worlds like Scott Brinker. He writes for ChiefMarTec, and we’ve been big fans for years. Apart from his tech approach to marketing, Scott is also a huge advocate for agile marketing, which is pretty much our jam.

Anne Mercogliano, Head of SMB Marketing at Twitter

We love Twitter. We’re on it basically all the time, and we’re constantly looking to improve the content we’re producing. Anne will present a new, data-driven analysis of Twitter’s content features, and how they can be applied to both sales and marketing. She had us at “data-driven analysis.”

Danny Sullivan, Chief Content Officer and Founding Editor at Third Door Media

The yin to Matt Cutts’ yang, Danny Sullivan is one of our SEO heroes. The SEO editorial sites and are pretty much required daily reading for us. We’re proud to be on the right side of SEO, but Danny will be walking marketers through some of the most common SEO pitfalls.

Jonathan Dotan, Co-Producer of HBO’s Silicon Valley

Working with agile methodologies, Silicon Valley really found a soft spot in our hearts. Jonathan will be talking about the extraordinary lengths that HBO took to get the technical details of the show’s startup and development world correct, from research to creating a fictional metric that actually works in the real world. Given how well HBO blends the practices of new and traditional media, we think his presentation will be awesome. We just hope he doesn’t recreate the joke from the season finale.

Clive Thomson, Author of Smarter Than You Think

We love finding new ways to be more productive, especially when they’re backed by science. Clive Thomson, author and pencil aficionado, will be giving one of Inbound’s Bold Talks, a 12-minute session designed to make you smart quick and get you back to the conference. According to Clive, typing on a keyboard is best for composing ideas and communicating with others, but when it comes to taking notes and big-picture thinking, you just can’t beat a good old pencil.


Bonus Wins

There are plenty of added benefits to going to a big conference in a cool city with your team: some of us can’t wait to see Janelle Monae, some just want a lobster roll. Others, namely myself, are just excited to talk in an obnoxiously fake Boston accent for a full week. It’s the little things in life.


Image credit: Hubspot


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