Meet Sara
After starting her career in non-profit work, economic development and venture capital, Sara Saxner is enabling growth through digital as Vice President of Growth at Three Five Two. Sara pushes herself to live a life of purpose with a mission to build and grow healthier companies.

This week, Sara shared her perspective on Three work philosophies, Five must-have tech tools for work and Two tools that have also impacted her personal life.

Three Work Philosophies

1. Approaching Marketing with Agility.

“The importance of experimentation, testing, optimization and continually improving. Doing this through the lens of customer centricity is why clients come to us. Agility isn’t new for us – it’s deeply woven in our organization’s principles.”

2. Applying Data & Analytics Regardless of One’s Job Title.

“Using evidence to back our decisions is incredibly crucial. Whether you’re a data scientist, like my fiancé, or you’re someone like me who just believes in the value of it, data & analytics can be applied to your work no matter your job or job title. You don’t have to code in order to understand it and use it in choices that you make.”

3. Creating Change that Matters.

“It’s got to matter to businesses, to customers and, really, to talent. When you think about the core elements and what drives a business, you know you’re not going to survive if you aren’t thinking about those businesses and people, and what matters to them.”

We pull in different thinking across our engagements to make sure that we’re solving the right problem, that we’re shaping the right solutions, and that we’re iterating along the way. We keep the end user and the customer in the center.

Five Must-Have Tech Tools

1. Salesforce

“Having a CRM built to suit your team’s needs is so, so important, especially in remote work as we’re all working at different stages along the customer journey.”

2. Miro

“I think that design is crucial to how people ingest information. Miro’s digital whiteboards make that so easy.”


“Not only does this project management tool help keep things organized and drive accountability, it also plugs into a bunch of our other existing tech tools in our ecosystem.”

4. Slack

“Gotta communicate, gotta stay with your teams. Also, getting a GIPHY here and there (these Amy Poehler and Wonder Woman classics are two of my go-tos) helps to brighten your day.”

5. “Touch up my appearance” in Zoom

“I can just show up how I show up and still feel like my best self.”

I really pride myself on being an amplifier of vision and detailed driver of execution. I’m pushing our teams to show up in the market as our best selves then drive value and create that value for the business community.

Two Tools that Impact personal life

1. Effort to Impact Mapping

“Where am I putting the least or most energy? What are the results of that? I think through that a lot in my day to day both at work and in my personal life.”

2. Kanban project management

“I’m in a kanban management household. We just bought a new house, and we’re planning a wedding, so being able to see things at different stages is very helpful.”

Sara and her team are on the front lines, working with business leaders, day in and day out, to create change that matters. If you’d like to speak with Sara about a new market, product, or venture you’re working on, drop her a line today!


Isa Crescini Williams (she/they) is Three Five Two's ATL Office Manager and newest addition to the Marketing Team. When not managing social media and producing events, Isa loves to build communities through music, dance and other performing arts.