The developers watching the keynote from the MIX conference in Las Vegas, as well as the thousands more tuning in online, bore witness to the big reveal of Windows Phone 7 Series this morning’and quite a bit of 352 Media Group’s design and development.

The highlight of Microsoft Executive Scott Guthrie’s presentation was the ‘Coding4Fun’ cannon, a robotic t-shirt cannon he used to shoot his iconic red polo shirts in to the audience, all controlled by an app on the new mobile device. Microsoft contracted with 352 Media Group to create the user interface for the device, which responds to touch controls and data from the device’s accelerometer.coding4fun cannon‘We needed a top-notch development team experienced in Silverlight development that could handle a high priority, quick turnaround project, so 352 Media Group was the clear choice,’ said Dan Fernandez, Director, Developer Evangelism and the developer of the app’s backend code. ‘The app’s user interface, which 352 Media Group designed and coded, really pulled the application together. It received rave reviews internally, and based on the reaction of the live audience, was well received by the developer community.’

The new announcement by Microsoft means that as a Silverlight Development Company, 352 Media Group can write their code once, and then simply optimize it for use on different devices. All of 352 Media Group’s existing Silverlight development skills can be leveraged to create amazing consumer and enterprise applications that run across many and varied devices.

‘We were asked to create a cutting edge design in Silverlight with a very specific set of dimensions,’ said Peter VanRysdam, 352 Media Group’s Chief Marketing Officer. ‘We knew the design was high profile and would be featured in the keynote. However we didn’t know until the last minute that the Silverlight application we were developing would be run on the phone.’

‘That shows just how easy Windows Phone 7 Application Development is, by translating projects developed for the Web to mobile apps seamlessly.’

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