Paxton/Patterson ( is based out of Chicago and provides multimedia curriculum, equipment, and supplies to secondary education for Career and Technical education. They develop the curriculum, then package it with the equipment and supplies to form a learning system.

They came to the 352 Media Group wanting to replace their aging, poorly designed website.  They already had a new e-commerce website for their existing clients and needed a new informational website to promote their products to new clients.

Their requirements for a new website included a much more professional, updated design and they wanted a website where it would be easy to update content.  In addition to these basic requirements, Paxton/Patterson wanted motion graphics on the Home Page in the form of a slideshow, wanted the ability to call out their latest news, wanted the website completely searchable and wanted the inclusion of a Blog.

Our award winning design team hit yet another home run with a fantastic Web Design!  The website is based around the 352 Media Group’s powerful, yet easy-to-use Content Management System.  We then added some of our most popular features to the website including our Dynamic Header Graphic (a slideshow updatable via the Content Management System), our New and Press Release Center (an area of the website that houses news and press releases where an administrator can highlight items that will automatically appear on the Home Page), our Advanced Site Search Feature (where both pages and documents can be searched) and a Blog.  Like all website we build, we performed Search Engine Optimization of the website so that it would be more readily found by Search Engines.


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