Wilson Electronics ( is a provider of cellular booster and antennas to help strengthen of cell phone singles, reducing bad calls and dropped signals.  Based in St. George, Utah, Wilson Electronics does not sell their products directly to the public, but through a national dealer network.

Wilson Electronics came to the 352 Media Group wanting to replace their existing website in order to enhance their web presence.  There were multiple goals that they wanted to accomplish with the deployment of a new website, some of those goals were:

  • A more attractive Design

  • Better content manageability

  • Better segmentation of products on their website

  • Since many end-users come to their website, they wanted an easier way for end customers to find a dealer near them

  • Attract more dealers to their network

  • More concise Search Engine Optimization since many of the keywords that were currently being used actually competed with their own dealers

  • A bilingual website (English and Spanish)

  • Utilizing Web 2.0 initiative such as integration with social networking and blogging

On February 22, the 352 Media Group launched a new website for Wilson Electronics.  The new website is built around our powerful, yet easy-to-use Content Management System which has multilingual capabilities.  In order to make their website more compelling, our award winning Designers created a compelling design which includes a Video Host.  We architected the website to segment their products into the three product types that Wilson Electronics produces (Mobile Solutions, Building Solutions and Data Solutions).

Other features of the new website include a dealer locator which allows end-customers to find a dealer in their area who sells Wilson Electronics’ products.  Users can enter their zip code and the distance they are willing to travel in order see dealer’s closet them, which is also displayed on an accompanying map.  The website also contains information and applications for becoming a dealer and the latest news.

Our team of SEO Specialists also performed research in order to optimize the new website using the most appropriate keywords which along with social network integration and inclusion of a blog on the new website will help draw more potential customers.


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