Tampa based Sun Paints & Coatings ( is the maker of quality paints, adhesives and coatings since 1971.  They sell their products to both contractors and the general public, primarily through their retail stores located throughout the Bay Area.

Sun Paints & Coatings came to the 352 Media Group wanting to increase their Web presence which to-date had been a single Web page listing their locations.  They wanted a new Website in order to achieve multiple goals and to cater to both of their differing client demographics, the individual homeowner and professional (commercial) clients.  One of the key elements of the new Website is the ability for Sun Paints & Coatings to sell their products online as both a convenience to their local customers and to expand their geographic footprint beyond the Tampa Bay Region.

A Key feature of the new custom Website is a Shopping Cart System which allows Sun Paints & Coatings to maintain products and product categories including product images.  Orders can be exported from the site into Sun Paints & Coatings backend order processing system.  The Website also has areas that speak directly to Commercial Customers, Homeowners and potential employees.  Sun Paints & Coatings has transformed a minimal Web presence into a State-of-the-Art e-commerce Website.

Sun Paints & Coatings Old Website:

Sun Paints & Coatings New Website:  


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