Fast-teks, Inc. ( provides a staff of highly trained professionals who provide on-site computer support and repair to both businesses and residences.  Their services are provided via a worldwide network of franchisees.  Services offered include:  Server installation and support, Data recovery, Remote data backup, Anti-virus and Internet Security, Troubleshooting and Software training.

Fast-teks approached the 352 Media Group because it wished to enhance its Web presence in order to drive revenue.  They wanted to create a new corporate Web site in order to achieve these goals.  The scope of the project included a new updated design, new content and the addition of new features.  The new corporate site has three major goals; 1) Attract new franchisees 2) Attract qualified technical resources for their franchisees, 3) Drive business to their existing franchises.

With new Web site, new branding was included which gives the Web site an updated look.  In order to make the site more user friendly video presentations were incorporated into the new Web site.  Potential franchisers can use the site to learn how to become a Fast-teks franchise and to begin the process of becoming a franchise.  Likewise, people interested in becoming a technician can learn how to become a Fast-teks computer technician, view current needs and begin the process of becoming a tech.  End customers can come to the new corporate Web site, learn about the superior service Fast-teks offers and to find/contact a Fast-teks franchise in their area through a zip/postal code lookup.

Fast-teks also wanted a tool developed that would enhance individual franchisees’ Web presence, by allowing franchises to create their own Web site.  During the development of the new Corporate Web site, a second project was kicked-off internally termed the “Corporate Micro Site” project.  Each franchise can now create their own “Micro Site” which will be content manageable by the individual franchises.  Certain aspects of the “Micro Sites” will be content manageable by Fast-teks corporate, specifically areas of the “Micro Site” that impacts the overall message and to insure consistent branding.  Areas of the “Micro Sites” that address franchises individual capabilities are manageable by the franchise themselves.


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