For anyone who has happened to watch the History Channel’s hit Pawn Stars, their impression may be that all of these types of businesses operate in the same manner.  That is until you discover Biltmore Loan and Jewelry ( who has developed a truly unique business model. 

Biltmore Loan and Jewelry is located in toney Scottsdale, Arizona and want their business to seem like more of a high-end, personalized bank.  Biltmore Loans and Jewelry buys sells and loans money based on high-end merchandise.  They came to the 352 Media Group wanting a web presence that exudes such exclusivity.

Besides a richly designed website, they had other requirements of the website beyond look and feel.  They wanted a website where it would be easy to manage content, allow for perspective clients to fill-out and online loan application and would leverage web marketing to drive traffic to their website (an in-turn to their physical location).

The website produced hit on all of the points that they required.  The website has the look and feel of belonging to an exclusive club.  Through of the 352 Media Group’s powerful, yet easy to use Content Management System Biltmore Loan and Jewelry can easily keep their website up-to-date.  The 352 Media Group also performed the initial Search Engine Optimization of the website (keyword research) to help drive traffic to the website which was enhanced by the inclusion of a Blog on the website.  Furthermore integration to Twitter and Facebook will help facilitate driving traffic to the website.  If you find yourself in the Metro Phoenix area and are in need of some extra funds, stop by Biltmore Loan and Jewelry for a truly unique experience!


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