In the spirit of “The Office’s” party planning committee, we decided to create a Fun Committee here at 352 Media Group.  There is no doubt people are more encouraged to give to a company that gives back to them, and that’s the goal here.  So far we’ve had events like Capture the Flag night (which, if I do say so myself, was awesome), a pancake breakfast (the office still smells like bacon…it’s glorious!), and the “Groupie” awards, modeled after the “Dundies.”  I’ll let Michael Scott tell you about those:

Well this week we had game night.  Really 352 was founded on game nights.  When there were just three of us here, we’d hang out in the one room office playing Need for Speed and Rainbow 6 on the network.  Then, as we grew, we moved to Unreal Tournament.  Ah, those were the good old days where I could drink beer and eat horrible pizza and feel fine the next day.  Anywho…

So game night was great, thanks to the planning of Fun Committee Member Lincoln.  We had the 360 setup with RockBand, a Wii in the conference room, a pool table, monoploly, and my favorite, Jenga!  We had quite the tower there until Peter Browstein’s fiancee knocked it down.

Here are some photos to enjoy. 

PeterJ on the Wii
Peter J on the Wii                                                               

Nick and I Rocking the 360
I love how Geoff (CEO) is in the background working!  Ha!                                

Jodi, Evan, and Lincoln on Monopoly
Evan had all of the money briefly, before going out first.                                

Evol playing pool
  This was one of three consecutive shots where Evol Scratched on the 8-ball


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