OK, so we’ve been in Michigan for a few months now, but apparently word just got out.  Declan, our Irish import who quickly became one of our top producing sales people last year, moved to his wife’s old stomping ground outside Ann Arbor.  Not wanting to let him go, and already looking at the underserved area as a possible expansion location, we decided to put him in charge of a new regional office there.  Sure, right now it’s just him (though he is in charge of his fish), but the plan is to do there what we did in Atlanta (which was take over…booyah!). 

So anyhow, the Detroit News just got wind of the story, and ran a great piece on Declan and our company:

Detroit News Article on 352 Media Group

Now if only Declan would’ve smiled in the photo.  Oh, and for the record, our new office is an inch to the left of where the thumb meets the rest of the hand.


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