352 Media Group, a digital agency specializing in websites, software and marketing campaigns, has changed its name to simply 352 Inc.

“Through our restructuring and rebranding process, we realized our company’s name wasn’t consistent with our new brand,” said Geoff Wilson, president and CEO of 352 Inc. “‘Media group’ was too limiting and didn’t speak to what we really do.”

The 15-year-old agency also announced a complete internal restructuring and external rebranding. 352 Inc. moved from traditional waterfall development to agile web development, which focuses on scope of work over cost and time and results over requirements. This means greater flexibility.

352 Inc. implemented cross-functional teams who work one project from beginning to end with the client steering the priorities. What once took six months to finish, 352 Inc. and its agile teams complete responsive websites in just six weeks.

“I’ve never done anything with the flexibility and speed of the agile process,” said Lisa Eubanks, Electronic Marketing Manager of Cummins Inc. who oversaw the development. “It was very productive, very intense, fast-paced but focused, and it delivered results immediately.”

352 Inc. also reorganized their digital marketing process, moving toward agile marketing where three-person teams work on integrated and adaptive tactics to account for fast-changing technology.

With its new process, 352 Inc. realized the previous messaging and branding didn’t fall in line with the new goals and systems. So, the agency rebuilt its guiding principles, mission statement and long-term vision ‘ all with a brand new website.

“This was way more than a cosmetic redesign,” said Erin Everhart, 352’s director of digital marketing. “Our new site reflects our new way of working; it reflects our new purpose; and for the first time, it really represents who we are.”

“It’s a huge landmark in our history to take what we started and iterate to where we are today,” Wilson said. “In many ways, we’re like a brand new company. Consider us a 15-year-old startup.”


352 is an innovation and growth firm. Leading companies hire us to find billion-dollar opportunities, build killer new products and create hockey-stick growth. We bring grit and new-fashioned thinking to innovation, digital development and growth marketing.