We are the champions, my friend.  And we kept on fighting to the end.  Duh duh duh!

Many years back, we started a softball team for the company.  It was the most horrible team ever assembled, making the bad news bears (at the beginning of the movie) look like the Red Sox of late. 

Now here we are, several seasons, one torn ACL and several stitches later.  It’s a whole new team, and the results are different too.  We’ve risen to the top of the bottom league.  That’s right…we pulled off the upset against Charles Perry Construction to take home the “C” league championship (note, there is no “D” league).

Thank God we did it when we did.  New free agency laws are going in to affect next season that will take away a couple of our ringers.  Looks like we’ll have to replace them with actual staff from our company. 

Actually, I think we’re going to move from Men’s to Coed to get a few of the ladies from work back on the team.  Open tryouts are currently underway.  Main requirement: must be able to identify a softball from a group of other sports equipment.
352 Media Group's softball team


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