The nay-sayers will tell you there were only 4 teams in our league, but that means nothing.  What means something is the second trophy in my office.  That’s right, for the second straight season the 352 Media Group team came out on top as regular season champs.  Last time around was our men’s team.  After dominating on that side, we were ready for a new challenge.  Looks like the coed league wasn’t much of a challenge either!

I was going to wait to post until we had a team photo with the trophy like last time, but that just doesn’t seem to want to happen anytime soon.  The week we won was a throwaway game.  We’d already clinched the title, but we still came out to play.  Long story short the night ended with two people in the ER.  Jodi, our talented second basewoman, who took a line drive to the eye, and yours truly, who unsuccessfully slid in to third, severely spraining yours truly’s ankle.  Then this week, I forgot the trophy and the camera.    The thinking at this point is we might as well wait until the end of the postseason tournament to take a picture with that trophy as well.

But for now, please feast your eyes on the glorious plastic and wood laminate statue of eagles, a golden goblet, and a hitter that sits proudly on the coffee table in my office next to last year’s hardware:



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