I currently manage a few of our International clients from countries such as Ireland, England, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. We have proven that we can attract International clients and work successfully with their web teams to launch great products. This shows that time zones and language barriers are not a factor when a company wants true quality and the job done right! I credit this International attraction to our “Success Starts with Strategy™” process and how we tackle our custom web development projects, coupled with the knowledge and professionalism of our staff.

With our recent launch of LogoYes in Japan, now I have the pleasure of adding Japan to the list of our International client countries!

The Japanese site is live at

Logoyes Japan Homepage

We took the American English language site at and translated it to Japanese. However, this was much more than a simple translation. The Japanese character set is much different than the American English character set, so we had to build in special support for Japanese characters and fonts. This was particularly challenging, because the Logoyes Flash application gives users the ability to create and edit business cards, so we had to restructure all of the editing controls to support the Japanese fonts and font sizes. Because of the large file sizes of Japanese fonts (due to the complexity of their characters), we installed a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up the load time of the application worldwide.

Logo Creater Step 1

Additionally, Japanese design and layout styles are somewhat different than American styles, so we made changes to the layout of several interface screens so they were more appropriate for the Japanese market. Additionally, the standard size and layout of business cards in Japan is different than those in the U.S., so we had to change all of the business card templates to accommodate the Japanese market. Finally, we changed the way the checkout process works to interface with Japanese credit card processors.

Thanks the our team for their incredible hard work over the past few months, which include

Project Managers
Dana McPherson
Geoff Wilson

Lead Designer
Lincoln Anderson

Lead Programmer
Evol Greaves


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