In the south, the world stops during college football season. Luckily, that isn’t the case for the Web development world. Take a look at some of the most recent launches we’ve done here at 352 Media Group ‘ and we even had time for tailgating.

Unisyn Medical
MRIs and CAT scans aren’t exactly something to look forward to, but they do help save lives. Unisyn Medical is a leading provider of sustainable solutions to the diagnostic imaging industry.
eFood Junction
Can you afford to miss the junction? We didn’t think so. EFood Junction helps kitchens get the most competitive pricing for their menus and connects them with competitive vendors.
Heritage Healthcare
Heritage Healthcare is an independently owned and operated organization providing contract rehab services to nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities.

The Healthier U
Your college years will likely be the best four (or if you’re smart, five) years of life, but you still have to be keep yourself save. The Healthier U aims to educate college students on sexual health matters.

DLH Corporation?
You could argue that defense, logistics and health are three of the most important industries that keep the United States running. DLH Corporationfocuses on all three, providing logistical, healthcare and staffing services.
Avery Advisors
Avery Advisors is a division of KL Communications, a full market research firm.


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