Recently, we were listed among Clutch’s top Atlanta digital agencies and custom software firms. Last week, the market research company included us in its list of Top 10 Atlanta UX Agencies for our focus on building exceptional digital products guided by deep customer insights.

Clutch’s research highlighted 352’s strong ability to deliver engaging user insights across its early stage innovation work, digital product development builds, and customer-acquisition focused marketing campaigns.

“Without a fluid and effortless user experience, a company’s site or mobile app is doomed to fail, ” said Michael Block, Business Analyst at Clutch. “The importance and value of strong UX have become more apparent in recent years, and these Atlanta agencies have proven their ability to deliver on this crucial aspect of design.”

We’re proud to be included on Clutch’s list of 2017 Best User Experience Agencies in Atlanta, and we’re excited to see where the next year takes us.


Geoff is a true entrepreneur. He’s passionate about helping companies find, build and grow their next big idea. He launched his first venture at age 16, when he started a computer store in a shopping mall in Sarasota, Florida. Since then, he’s built eight more companies.