Last week 352 Inc. hosted its annual company retreat and Hackathon. Eight teams worked on ideas submitted by 352 staff members for the chance win a $10,000 grand prize and the opportunity to ship a new product to market.

Throughout the week, 352 hosted speakers Carl Smith, owner and founder of nGen Works, and Jennifer Dary, employee development coach and founder of Plucky. Smith and Dary covered topics ranging from how to achieve company autonomy to charting a custom career path.

Hackathon teams worked Monday through Wednesday on their projects and presented their results to a panel of judges on Saturday. Presentations included live demos and were judged by people who work at Grooveshark, the University of Florida entrepreneurship program, 160over90 and more.

“The Race to 3:52 Hackathon was absolutely amazing,” said Geoff Wilson, 352 president and CEO. “Our teams put their hearts and souls into it and produced outstanding products with real market potential in just three days. The exceptional user experience, technology, marketing and strategy within each product were created by our extremely talented, motivated and inspired team members.”

The winning group created a team fitness application called Team Fit. Other teams tackled projects including a content-analytics dashboard, Agile planning and management tools, a live-action mobile game, a score-keeping application, iBeacon technology and a social tool for connecting breweries, bar owners and beer enthusiasts.


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