352 Media Group CEO Geoff Wilson will join nearly a dozen other local and national business leaders for reThink: Success, an exhibition of renowned entrepreneurs presented by FreshSpark on July 19 in Gainesville.


The speakers, including Simon Sinek and John Spence, will discuss the one thing that made them successful while motivating budding entrepreneurs to learn from their success. reThink: Success will host 500 business professionals from throughout Florida and will be broadcast via live feed to hundreds of other professionals via FreshSpark.

Geoff will talk about 352’s experiences from the company’s transition to agile web development, creating what he calls “The Circle Strategy.” During his speech, Geoff will detail how we’ve restructured the company into dedicated cross-functional teams with a singular focus, working in short bursts with the client at the center of the team, innovating and iterating at every step.

You’ve seen flashes of how this transition will affect our new brand, but Geoff will also show the incredible success our new structure offers to our clients. Since our transition to agile, projects are finished 90 percent quicker and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. At reThink: Success, Geoff will talk about how any organization can benefit from making similar changes.

“I’m extremely excited to speak in front of such a great crowd, about a topic that I’m passionate about,” Wilson said. “I hope to inspire everyone attending to make positive changes within their company or organization.”

reThink: Success is nearly sold out, so grab your ticket today from FreshSpark!


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