This year, 352 is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a member of the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce. We’re proud to reach this milestone and continue to support the Chambers’ mission:

To facilitate economic opportunity, business success, community engagement and prosperity.

As part of the Chambers’ member presentation, our own Director of Growth Marketing, Damion Wasylow, represented the 352 team to receive the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce 20th anniversary plaque.

We look forward to many more years as a member of the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce!

352 celebrates 20 years with the Greater Gainesville Chamber
20th year anniversary plaque and some much appreciated bubbly!

As a growth firm, 352 is always looking for organizations who need our help to find, build, and grow their next big opportunity. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear about it.


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