Greetings and salutations, Lincoln!

Congratulations on 20 years of exceptional work at Three Five Two! We all have so many wonderful things to say about you, that we couldn’t contain it on a little plaque.

To that end, here are a few thoughts, memories, ponderings, and some jibberish (for good measure) that we wanted to share with you.

With love,

The entirety of the Three Five Two staff.

When Lincoln joined 352, we were barely a real company. Lincoln was working for peanuts, I was still in college, and we hadn’t done any project over $1,000. To think, back then, that we’d not only make it 20 years together, but also build a world class company together, is incredible. Along the way, Lincoln has enriched countless client engagements, inspired countless employees, and made our culture uniquely ours. Congrats, Lincoln, on 20 fantastic years!!

Geoff W.

Lincoln is so many things. A thinker, a tinkerer, a juggler, a creator, a doer, a gamer, a friend. He’s inspiring and kind; humble, great to hang out with, and an all around fantastic person. Lincoln has helped make this company what it is today, am I’m so thankful to have been able to learn from him along the way.

Caroline B.

When I first started working at Three Five Two, I heard a lot about how great Lincoln was, but he still surprised and impressed me when I finally got to work with him. His thoughtful and confident approach to the look and feel of My Fantasy Stable (yes, a real client) was levels above what I’d seen before. He continues to surprise and impress me even now, whether it be with new and creative ideas and insights, wacky side projects, or the absolute care and love he has for this company. Our company is better for having grown alongside him.

Christa G.

You’re the rebar of the 352 foundation. It’s a metaphor that loses it’s deepness the longer this quote goes on. Your next level imagination will fill in the gaps. ミ☆

Cat M.

I used to call myself a ‘survivor’, someone who lives with the aftermath of a traumatic experience. I was taught this from a young age and then put it to the test in Vietnam. I just couldn’t move forward. Then I had to move past it. And I just did it. I kept my head down, survived the nightly rotation by staring at the bathroom mirror, for seven months in total. And then, finally, I opened my eyes.

Eran S.

Grace in development and change. Flash, Silverlight, Surface table… You’ve learned them all and laid them to rest. In the words of Camp Pete, “Go long.” 

Brandon M.

Lincoln (alongside Eric) was the first person I talked to outside of the internship program, and it didn’t take long for me to consider him a close friend. His enthusiasm — for myriad things — is contagious, and sharing in his excitement has been one of my great joys while working at Three Five Two.

Brent W.

To the man and the legend happy 20th my dude. Cheers to another 20 years of your awesomeness.

Ed E.

You were the one who taught me to code (even spending an hour to teach me what a div was), and you taught me to look at the world with a design eye. You’ve guided me so much over the years and I am immensely grateful for your friendship and tutilage. Congrats on a massive milestone.

Michelle B.

Lincoln’s mind is a beautiful thing to behold in action. His creativity has been a source of inspiration to me for the entirety of the time I’ve known him and I expect that never to change.

Paul T.


Peter B.

Wow, 20 years and you’re still working for Three Five Two. Talk about commitment…or it is just not wanting to have job search ;p~~~  Seriously though, congratulations on achieving this milestone! I know you have worked hard over the years, have helped Three Five Two and its employees grow to what they are today, and are an integral part of the Three Five Two family.

Peter J.

Lincoln was already a legend in my mind long before I even started working with him. I always admired his design and Flash work in the company’s portfolio, and I considered him to be the ultimate Flash Master Flex, The Grand Master Flasher, and it was most awesome to find myself working with him (and learning from him) a year later. 

He’s the most humble, creative and thoughtful guy I know, and over the years he’s been a mentor, an office mate, an occasional Nerf dart target, and my friend. Congratulations on 20 years!

Tim P.

I am constantly impressed by how vast Lincoln’s abilities and unique his explorations are.  A better teammate, mentor and friend no one could find. A luminary.

Blake M.

Lincoln is selfless, both in his pursuit of finding the best solutions for user and client needs and in his contributions for making everyday life better for those around him.

Damion W.

Thank you – Thank you for everything. Every single day you remind us what makes TFT great. You consistently grow and challenge yourself, you seek to reach new heights. Your drive and discipline show us that with calm, deliberate, consistent effort we can control our future. You remind us that our personal impact can greatly affect others in the now, and even those who don’t know it yet, in the future.

Garry G.

One might expect such a seasoned developer as Lincoln to be an aloof, gray-bearded wizard who, from his mighty perch of a silver watchtower, looks down on us less-experienced devs and scoffs at our piddling antics. But when I was but a recent inductee into the realm of Three Five Two and met Lincoln for the first time, I instead found him more of a humble and honest sage (who admittedly did have a beard – but it wasn’t gray.) His expertise about all things technical was readily and kindly shared. His words were soft, thoughtful, and even when I was butchering best-practices and well-established patterns, he merely whispered in hushed tones “that’s not quite how I would do that.” I expect many have had the same experience, learned from his wise ways, followed in his footsteps, and been granted his helpful advice. To that end, I wish him the best as he continues his journey towards engineering enlightenment. Cheers, to twenty years!

Logan S.

[Placeholder text], until we get drunk and I tell you how much I love you. Until then, keep on pimppin.

Magbic ‘Mak’ A.

I have so many great memories of Lincoln, but what struck me first about him was the level of care he puts into his craft. Lincoln keeps it calm and he keeps it cool. I’m so thankful to be given the opportunity to work alongside him over the years.

Nick F.

You’ve always been an inspiration and someone I’ve learned so much being around. Your experience, talent, creative thinking, and beard is second to none. I truly work with one of the best to ever set hand on the mouse and keyboard…congrats on 20 and to many more!

Scott F.

Congrats, Lincoln! Who would’ve thought the wide-eyed kid who designed such gems as and would still have a career in digital after all this time? But seriously, your work has never ceased to amaze me, and I’m happy I was able to call you a colleague for nearly 15 years and can still call you a friend. Congratulations!

Peter V.


Michelle Brownstein is the Associate Director of User Experience and a UX designer/researcher on a development team at Three Five Two. Though she's worked in the web industry since 2008, she has applied usability principles to everything in her life since long before she learned the phrase “user experience.” She's worn many digital hats over the years, from interactive design and coding to UX research, strategy and usability. Backed by an M.S. in psychology, she has helped clients like Wells Fargo, Cummins, 3M, Fifth Third Bank, and Cox Automotive create lasting connections with their customers