It’s not everyday that you get to talk about two totally different site launchings in one post, but you my friend are in for a treat.  Today’s sites are 20 Exchange Place and Robb&Robb.

First up is a wonderful site from a long time client of ours, Metro Loft Management out of NYC. These people turn downtown buildings into plush residences for those with discriminating tastes in lower Manhattan. 20 exchange place

This is a very clean and modern design that is not entirely done in flash, like another site that we did for them a couple of years back.  Both are of these sites are just great and seriously; who wouldn’t want to live in the lap of luxury in the center of the economic universe?
The second site we most recently launch is for a pair of Super Lawyers out of Kansas City, MO.  Anita and Gary Robb have been practicing law and winning big judgements for almost 25 years and have no signs of stopping.  They already had a ton of great content and just needed a fresh new look.

Robb & Robb

So if you are ever in the Midwest and you need some heavy duty Lawyering (is that even a word?), look these two up.  Then again, I am sure that your Mom would like you to stay of situations that would necessitate a lawyer!


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