A lot has been made recently about the inclusion of a blog on a web site.  Many companies struggle with the decision as to whether to include a blog on their web sites and many corporations grapple with how to gain maximum exposure leveraging a blog.  When implemented correctly, a blog can greatly increase traffic to a web site which over the long-term will increase revenue.  Not only can a blog drive traffic to your web site, but a well written post can also be picked-up by other bloggers or even online PR web sites.  The following is a list of 10 tips for effective blogging:

1.  Blogging is a great marketing strategy on the Internet.  The number of readers of your blog will increase over time so it’s not a mechanism that will result in increased revenue immediately.  It is a long-term strategy that with increased readership will cause more web traffic to your site and establish you as a subject matter expert (“I am an expert on this field and I am posting information other people find compelling”).  Over time, the increased traffic to your site will result in additional business.  Think of blogging as a PR campaign using the Internet as a vehicle.

2.  You must be committed to blogging.  If you implement a blog and then don’t post to if often, it will actually do more harm than good.  If you implement a blog on your site be committed to posting to the blog a minimum of once a week.

3.  Establish an overall tone, some blogs set a highly professional tone, others are humorous, sarcastic, etc.

4.  Provide unique content that makes your blog a compelling place for the user to go.  Many blogs are unsuccessful because they are just rehashing information posted to other blogs on the Internet.

5.  In order to get your blogs readership from ten’s or dozen’s of readers to hundred’s or thousand’s of readers, it is important that you network with other bloggers that already have successful blogs.   Comment on their blog sites, refer to them on your blog and hopefully they will do the same driving readers to your blog.

6.  Choose topics carefully.  Post topics on your blogs based on keywords.  Keywords are the terms that people are entering on search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK, etc.) when searching for information.  Before posting a blog entry, research topics that people are interested in and is already getting a lot of buzz on the Internet, so keyword research is important.  There are several tools available to help determine keywords.  A popular keyword research site is Word Tracker (  Be sure to include the keyword in the title of your blog entry and this will dramatically increase traffic to your site.  This methodology will insure that your article title and topics are based on words that people are actually searching on the Internet.

7.  Check out the Bloggers Choice Awards web site (  It’s a web site that lists blogs and people vote on the quality of the blog.  Look at the blogs that rate high, see what those bloggers are doing and model your blog after successful sites.
8.  Use pop culture type of vehicles on your blog that can be read quickly and are popular like ‘Top 10 Lists”.

9.  Create pages on social media sites to create not only your company but your blog in particular.  They’re free and have a vast audience (and help with link popularity as well).  Site like Dig, LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook are the more popular sites.

10.   Always include a “footer” to your posts that include an “about your company” (just like a press release) in case your post is picked-up by a third-party site.  Be sure to include your company’s URL within the about section (which can help increase your link building initiatives).  


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