The fastest way for your team to identify and prioritize high-impact opportunities to put artificial intelligence to work for your organization.

If you’re excited by the potential of AI but are lacking alignment and a roadmap for how to best bring it into your organization, this one-day workshop is for you. Our professional facilitators and technologists will help your team align on the best AI opportunities and create actionable plans to get you moving.

Whether you’re considering how to create operational efficiency, improve customer experience, or improving decision making (to name a few), there are hundreds of AI tools designed to save time and increase our human potential for thinking and getting things done. We’ll help you sort through the noise and identify what will be most impactful for your organization.

Our AI Opportunities Workshop is the best way to start. In this one-day workshop (in person or virtual) you and your team will gain clarity and alignment as to how to harness AI’s potential.

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The current state of AI technology and its applications in your industry and other divergent industries
  • Potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI into your operations
  • How AI can be applied to your biggest product, business, and/or industry pain points and goals.

You'll leave with:

  • More knowledge of the AI landscape and how it may impact your industry
  • A list of prioritized opportunities for implementing AI within your organization, with key takeaways and insights
  • Actionable next steps for implementing your top AI opportunities
  • Tailored resources and references for further learning and exploration

The fastest way to upskill and put AI to work - in just one day!

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