Who we are.

Behind the scenes, you can expect to see energetic idea exchanges, dedicated teams and inspired people. We’re a family (60+ members) of super-strategic problem solvers making big things happen on a national scale. Meet Our Team Join Our Team

What we do.

352 is an innovation and growth firm. Leading companies hire us to find their next big growth area, build next-gen digital products, and grow a customer base fast. We bring grit and new-fashioned thinking to innovation, digital development, and growth marketing. Our Services News and Accolades

Where we're from.

Our President & Founder, Geoff Wilson, humbly began 352 more than twenty years ago in a University of Florida dorm room (OK, it was a fraternity house). Our name, 352, pays homage to the area code of Gainesville, Florida, the city we started in. Today, we call Atlanta, Tampa and Gainesville home.

Where we're going.

We’re on a mission to help organizations find, build and grow their next big thing. We do it by finding problems that matter and turning opportunities into big results. It’s always a team effort.

Our values.

  • Everything starts with
    inspired people.

    Be curious, explore what’s new and work to get better every day.

  • Teams do it best.

    Cohesive teams that take ownership create exceptional results.

  • Embrace change.

    We move with agility and speed, and iterate based on what we learn.

  • Show some grit.

    Sometimes it won’t be easy, but we’re determined to make it work, together.

  • Be candid.

    Always tell it like it is in a supportive, respectful way.

  • Celebrate wins.

    Small victories and big accomplishments are best when shared in good company.

Our Culture

Culture is our true secret power and it is unique to 352. Without our teams of inspired people working closely with our clients, nothing we do would be possible. Embracing change, being candid and celebrating wins are things we value, which brings our company of innovators, designers and entrepreneurs together as a family.

Like many families, we love a good reunion. At 352, we use our events (like 352 Day, Office Days and Comfy Day to name a few) to build upon our culture and add to our inside jokes. In fact, each year our whole company is reunited for our annual retreat. During the retreat, we hold a Hackathon where our teams create new products – many of which have now been used by hundreds of thousands of people.